Wireless Broadband Services

4GTelecom, has implemented the first phase of its Wireless Broadband network in the city of Juba, thus enabling its customers to have access to high-speed wireless internet connectivity at highly competitive prices, and wireless data networking activity to connect to their different branches securely and efficiently.
4GTelecom’s access and core networks are dimensioned and optimized to ensure high service reliability, a secure environment for Multi-branching solutions, easy scalability, and low latency.

4GTelecom network features:

  • Low latency Internet backbone by using a terrestrial transmission link to access the global internet exchange
  • Redundant structure utilizing two distinct independent routes as well as two different service providers, and backed up by satellite connectivity to Europe Tier One’s teleport, for terrestrial connectivity
  • High reliability and availability achieved by using the latest wireless access solution technology along with redundant critical core components, insuring the availability of redundant power supply for the major network components
  • Scalability through a flexible network architecture based on top performing Cisco core and edge devices which enables fast and smooth future growth and expansion
  • Accessibility of different major cities using partner backbone capabilities

4GTelecom competitive advantages are:

  • Highly competitive prices
  • Customized and engineered solutions
  • Fast deployment
  • Immediate response time
  • Fully fledged user management interface

During phase-2, 4GTelecom will be expanding its wireless service to major cities throughout the country of South Sudan.